Junk Car Removal Seattle

Many junk car removal Seattle businesses just can not be trusted. Why? There are many sneaky tricks that many of the out-of-season, unprofessional junk car removal guys will try and pull. In this article you will learn a secret about many of the sharks in the junk car removal industry and how to avoid falling victim to them and their cheap tricks. You will learn how to avoid a majority of them, and how to tell if they are trying to pull a fast one over you.

The best way to weed out the newbies from the senior champs is to avoid using services such as classified ads. Craigslist, Backpage, Nickel Ads etc. The reason for this is because what a lot of people will do is when scrap or steel goes high in price many random people will jump on the bandwagon and use classified ads as their way of advertising. So, instead of contacting a “business” that you think is legitimate, you are actually just contacting some guy who has a truck with a repo device installed in the bed who you won’t be able to get into contact with a month or later down the road. Usually after steel falls in price they stop doing it. Now, not everyone on classified ads are like this, some are actually full blown companies, but at least 80% of them are just random people doing it to just make some extra change.

Other ways that these people will try and get away with looking like a real company is that they will get a cheap online quote form made by using a software called “Formstack”. This allows them to create a form for online quotes, and since not many people really look at the URL, it is never suspected that they are just Joe Schmoe looking for some extra dough. If anything, it makes a customer think they are more legitimate than they really are. Which sadly, ends with a dissatisfied customer, and a whole lot of untrustworthy for the rest of us honest, hard working junk car companies.

One of the major secrets that many of these random junk car removal guys will pull is give you a unrealistically large quote. Because, they know they can’t compete with the bigger boys, so they lie to you just so you will stop shopping around. When they show up, they will make some lame excuse as to why they can’t pay you as much as they said. Something you may hear is, “Well that was a quote for sight unseen and this is in much worse condition than I thought.” OR they will straight up lie and say, “Well, I said I’d pay you that for a complete vehicle but you are missing a catalytic converter so I’m going to have to knock off $75″ women BEWARE, you are special targets for lies like the one just previously written because chances are, you don’t know what a catalytic converter is. So, if a guy comes to your house and says that, you can pretty much guarantee he is full of crap.

The sad thing is that these tactics work well, especially the one where they will try to low ball you, because you are already so frustrated with the process and you just want to get rid of the vehicle and the guy is already there to tow it away that many people just except the lower offer. Sad we know, that is why we are doing our best to try and inform you that patience sometimes has its benefits. Do not let your temper or impatience get the better of you, do not let these crooks get away with being dishonest. Do business with a real company that has been around for many years and continue to have happy customer after happy customer.

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