Cash for Junk Cars Seattle

Sometimes when you do a search for cash for junk cars Seattle companies. You find a lot of fluff websites. Many Classified Ads pop up as if they were real websites, and others are just places that are in the search places. Not many have an actual website, so how can you be sure that you can trust this person. It’s almost like calling on a vehicle without a title, without any record of repairs and someone who just doesn’t seem to know that much about the vehicle as a whole. Would you trust yourself buying that vehicle? Probably not, so why would you trust some random guy advertising in a simple ad. In this article you will learn what to look out for when speaking to one of these guys.

Firstly, when searching around for a cash for junk cars Seattle establishment, you will come across many people who are just doing this to make an extra income. Meaning they aren’t a legitimate business. One way of helping you figure out if they are trying to screw you is by asking them how long they’ve been around. Many times when you ask blunt questions such as that, they will kind of stumble in there answer to you. If this is the case, then you may have just found yourself a little liar, and is best recommended to avoid.

The second way of figuring out just how legit a supposed business is, listen to how they answer the phone. many of these guys don’t have any customer service and are not sure how to answer the phone, simply because they are NEW to the whole thing. They may just answer the phone with a “hello?” For the simple reason that they have not been around long enough. So, if they answer the phone as if they were answering their house phone, be very weary of them! Their lack of experience may have you regretting it in the long run.

Finally, the last good thing you can do to screen them for being a guy who is just doing this for fun is to ask a lot of questions! Seriously! Since they aren’t pro’s in the industry they won’t really know how to answer many of your questions. If you don’t have a title and they can’t except it, that is because they are not a very old business. If they claim they have been in business for years and they still can’t accept vehicles with no titles then they are straight up lying. Every junk car removal expert knows, that in order to get half the vehicles in this industry you need to be able to accept vehicles with no titles. Don’t be a victim to a random a scrapper.

We bet you are wondering just why it is so important to avoid 1 guy scrappers who are just trying to make some extra cash and go with a larger more legitimate business. The reasons are simple and we have seen it happen time and time again from customers who have called us to tell us the story because they decided to go with them than us. Many times, you will get rid of your vehicle and you get paid and everything is fine and dandy. UNTIL, duh duh duhhhhh….You get a letter in the mail from the city saying that you have a parking ticket that you need to pay. How did this happen? These so called cash for junk cars Seattle businesses are basically just scrappers who will get a vehicle that still runs, so they will fix it up and drive it for a little hoping they don’t get pulled over. Which rarely occurs, they usually get a ticket by other means and you get stuck with it. Low and behold, you try and contact the guy who got the vehicle from you and they are no longer in service. SELLER BEWARE! DO BUSINESS WITH A TRUSTWORTHY, ESTABLISHED LOCAL BUSINESS.