Where to Junk a Car Seattle

Looking for where to junk a car in Seattle? Perfect. Give us a call. We send a tow truck to you with cash!

[Danny, Car Crow, Lyin’, and Metal Man all meet for the first time on the Green Jewel Road.]

Danny: Hi.

Car Crow, Lyin,’ and Metal Man (collectively): hello.

Danny: Where are you guys going?

Car Crow: I’m headed to the Emerald City. All my life I’ve been forced to bark at thieves who try to steal cars. Every day, I’ve looked at flashy sports cars and always wondered what it would be like to drive one. So I’m hoping that the Wizard of the Emerald City can make me human and give me a brand new BMW.

Lyin’: I’m headed to the Emerald City to get a job as a mechanic. I’ve worked in mechanics for the last twenty years, hopping from job to job to make ends meet. I often go for job interviews and get hired; but right after I get the job, I get fired in the first few months because I tell lies. I’m going to the Emerald City for not only a new job, but to get some honesty. I want the Wizard to give me an honest heart so I can keep a good job.

Danny: And what about you? [to Metal Man]

Metal Man: I’m headed to the Emerald City to buy some more junk cars. As a junk car business dealer, junk cars are my business. Without them, I have no job, no money, no food on the table.

Danny: I’ve heard all these reasons. I’m headed to the Emerald City, where I will get cash money to junk my car.
Metal man (surprised at Danny’s answer): Well, then, Danny…you and I are motivated by junk cars. What are we waiting for? Let’s not waste any more time! Off we go to see the wonderful Wizard!

The Wizard of the Emerald City cannot make scarecrows human or make someone honest, but the Wizard can definitely buy and sell junk cars!!

Where to junk a car Seattle

Where To Junk A Car Seattle

Here at Junk Car Seattle, we believe in giving the customer exactly what they want. Like Danny, Car Crow, Lyin’, and Metal Man, people travel from miles around to the “Emerald City” of Seattle to sell (and buy) their junk cars. Unlike many other junk car businesses out there, we are completely honest up-front. There are no hidden fees, hidden charges for towing, or the like. If we tell you that it costs nothing for towing service, it will cost nothing! You can count on us to make sure you know exactly what will happen beforehand. Where can you go to junk your car and find such honest answers? Junk Car Seattle!

If you ask “Where is the pharmacy,” do you want to be pointed to the bathroom? Of course not! The bathroom and pharmacy are two different things. If you ask, “Where’s the gas station,” do you want to be taken to your local Starbucks? No! There’s no gas station at Starbucks. In the same way you want directions to your destination, you deserve directions to the best place in Seattle to buy or sell your junk car. Where should you go to junk your car? Look no further than Junk Car Seattle.

Danny, Car Crow, Lyin’, and Metal Man are all making their way to the Emerald City to ask of the Wizard. The best junk car wizards in Seattle are Joel and Andrew Hahn. You won’t find two more hard-working men to provide you the answers you need, such as, “Where do I go to junk my car?”

Make your way onto the “Green Jewel Road” and come on down to see us at Junk Car Seattle—The Emerald City of Junk Cars.

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