Junk Cars for Cash Seattle

Selling your junk cars for cash Seattle is probably the easiest sale you will ever make with a vehicle. You can try to sell your unwanted vehicle on a Classified Ad, but the time and energy that needs to be put into it may not be worth the small amount in return. What do we mean by that? Well, if you have ever thrown up a cheap car on Craigslist, you’ll notice you get a lot of shady characters calling you about it. Why? Because when you are selling a vehicle in a certain price range you tend to attract a certain demographic. That certain demographic are the people in society who are very flaky, they claim they want the vehicle and they will come at a certain time to come check it out so you are putting time aside for that person to come check out that vehicle and they are a no-show. Story of the lives of people who put up there cheap vehicles on a classified ad site.

It’s quite horrible

Junk Cars for Cash Seattle

You will get phone call after phone call, with people interested in the vehicle. Oddly enough, even though you have a page full of interested inquiries, you still have yet to get the vehicle off you lawn. Nor, anybody on your lawn to check it out for that matter. When you calculate the amount of time you set aside to handle phone calls, wait for failed arrivals, and move your schedule around to accommodate the flakes. You will have been working for merely minimum wage. All of this can be solved by calling us, your junk cars for cash Seattle professionals.

It’s super simple and super quick, Give Us A Call Today For A Free Quote 360-773-7124 We’ll give you a quote in less than a minute, if you like the sound of the quote we give you, we’ll get your information and set up a time that best fits YOUR schedule. We aren’t flakes, and we will be on time. So just be ready for us when we come cruising on by to pay you cash for you troublesome vehicle. If the car is worth some dough selling it private party. It’s usually a good idea to try it out….but take what we said earlier as a warning, you may not like the outcome of your decision.

However; If you don’t even want to test the waters with a classified ad then CALL US! We love trading junk cars for cash Seattle more than anybody else in the Seattle Washington area. Give us a try, we know you’ll love us!