Free Junk Car Removal Seattle

Do you have a car sitting around at your house that you want to get rid of? Perfect! We are a free junk car removal Seattle, Washington and Tacoma, WA company. Including all surrounding areas. We won’t charge you to remove your vehicle believe it or not. In fact, we are going to pay you! YES! We will give you money for your junk or unwanted car, truck or van. It seems ridiculous and impossible, but its the real deal.

You know the saying, “If its too good to be true then its probably a scam” Typically I would agree with that statement. But in this case, IT’S THE REAL DEAL! It isn’t a scam, In fact, the state requires businesses to obtain licenses and insurance to do this business. We are a licensed and bonded business. We really are a free junk car removal Seattle company looking to pay you cash for your car.

Give us a call today and we’d be glad to tell you how the process works! We are totally cool on the phone and we love hearing from new people. We really appreciate every single customer. If it wasn’t for you, then how could we keep doing business? That’s why we love you so much! So call us today and hear one of us pick up the phone and tell jokes. ;)

We can’t tell you how much we’ll pay for every car on the website because every vehicle is different and unique in it’s own way. That’s why its best when we can talk to you live, but if you are a more email/text kinda person you can fill out our Online Form

So give us a call, or shoot us a text! The online form only take a few minutes to fill out. So even if you just want to drop a line and say hello, we’d love to meet you!